Inspire M2 Home Gym


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  • Total Body Machine: Legs, arms, chest & back all in one powerful machine
  • Ergonomic Design: Intended to mimic your natural path of motion for safety & comfort
  • Compact Engineering: It’s a whole gym, in one, that fits in any corner of your home

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Heavy-duty oval & round steel

Press Arm Pivot Points

1½ inch precision steel ball bearings

Other Pivot Points

Oil Impregnated brass bushings


Electrostatic Powder Coat

Weight Stacks

165 lbs (75 kgs) (2:1 ratio for 82.5 per pulley for mid & low pulley)

Included Accessories

Revolving Lat Bar, EZ Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Extension Chain, & 2 x D Handles

Available Add-Ons

Leg Press, Tricep Rope, 50 lbs Weight Stack Upgrade, Abdominal Bar, Multi-Ring D Handles, Double D Low Row Handle, Sport Handle

Resistance Ratio

Mid & Lower pulleys 2:1, Lat/Upper pulley 1:1, Leg Ext 1:1, Seated Leg Curl 4:3, Leg Press 1:2, Press Arm 2:1.2

Muscle Groups



400 lbs.


49"L x 65"W x 78"H. With optional leg press: 79"L x 72"W x 78"H


Residential Warranty

  • Limited lifetime on all parts

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